The atmosphere at Elevation Dancentre is what draws you to the studio and keeps you here. Elevation Dancentre is like a second home to all of its dancers. It is a place where creativity, diversity and acceptance are embedded in the creative culture and where students can come have a wonderful full experience and be themselves.

Tina Chreppas (student for 16 years)

Our little girl Demitra loves her dance teachers at Elevation Dancentre, from my wife Maria & I thank you for teaching our little girl, you have a great thing going on there.

Nick & Maria Sideris

Hellen & Joseph have been teaching our daughter, Kayla , for 10 years now. They are incredible performers, choreographers, teachers and mentors. Kayla has progressed from a shy little girl to an outstanding dancer with an outgoing, confident, determined personality. Both Hellen & Joseph have been instrumental in her progress in life. Kayla is now going to the prestigious Etobicoke School of the Arts as a dance major. This wouldn't be possible if not for the " dynamic duo ". They have been, and continue to be an important part of our daughters life. Thank you for all you have done and continued success with your Elevation Dancentre.

Paul & Helen Monteiro

Joe & Hellen,

I would like to say thanks to both of you for such an amazing year! Your professionalism, style of teaching, attention to detail and most of all your great sense of humour, surely makes it the wonderful atmosphere it is.
You have made such a wonderful impact on Sarah and have been instrumental in instilling in her the love and talent she possesses for dancing. You both are the epitome of what
a dance teacher should be (professional, firm but compassionate, dedicated and
committed to the individual success of each student). Success depends on
praise and positive models of excellence and you both are such role models. Thanks again for all you have done and much continued success with Elevation Dancentre.

Christina South