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Dance Styles
Tap Lyrical | Jazz Acrobatics | Ballet Modern
Technique, Contemporary and Wedding Choreography | Hip Hop Stretch & Strength

This is a great class for developing strength and flexibility. Classes available at recreational and competitive levels.
Acrobatic dance includes gymnastics floor movements with body shapes, tumbling and contortions. Acrobatics can enhance flexibility, strength and agility, as well as body awareness and alignment. These elements are set to music and are combined with dance steps to create various sequences and intriguing choreography. Acrobatics is beneficial for any dancer or gymnast. Acrobatics classes are offered in all levels.

Ballet (R.A.D) Royal Academy of Dance
Classical ballet consists of three interrelated elements - Technique, Music and Performance. Students gain a discipline of the mind and spirit as well as the body. Creative Movement, Character, Demi-Pointe and Pointe classes are available. This art form is the basis of dance and should be in every dancer’s class list.

*All competitive students are encouraged to take Ballet.*

Ballet (RAD) Exams are completed in the spring and or summer. Grade classes must take 2 ballet classes weekly to be eligible for an exam. Please discuss Ballet exam interests with Hellen Pavlis or Joseph Grzeskiewicz, the Director.

Pointe (R.A.D.)
A form of ballet for more experienced female dancers. Classes consist of Pointe technique incorporating classical ballet movements.

Hip Hop
This stylish discipline is the newest to hit dance studios all over the world. However, it all started in the streets and is therefore less structured in technique. Having its roots in Jazz, Reggae, Funk, Jazz, Latin and African, Hip Hop combines dance to bring you a dance form as seen in videos. Hip Hop is conceived as a culture, a refined form of Street Dance, including sub styles like Breaking, Popping, Locking, Wacking, Krumping etc.

Jazz is one of the most popular forms of dance today. Jazz students learn basic technique as well as the latest style of Jazz as seen in Videos, Film and Television. While jazz is an art form in its own right, it is also beneficial to the overall development of the dancer - and an enjoyable form of exercise! With its origins in Afro-American music developed from ragtime and blues, Jazz is one of the most popular and energetic forms of dance.

Modern dance is the name given to a dance tradition that arose as a reaction to ballet, using the body to explore space and lines and energy in dance movement. Through the use of various developed techniques from at least 2 years of ballet, students learn to use their natural instincts, impulses, and a release of natural feeling when moving. The dancer tries to release the inner feelings in an outer expression. Though it often uses the body alignment and movement of ballet, modern dance encompasses a much broader world than ballet. It is movement with freedom and meaning, usually for a serious artistic purpose. Modern dance stresses expressive individuality over conformity of movement. Our styles and technique at Elevation Dancentre are Graham and Limon.

Tap Dance is known as a favorite discipline because the students are making music with their feet. Students learn to improve their rhythm and co-ordination to energetic music. Tap dance concentrates on rhythm and timing, and requires interpretation of music through sound, creating regulated and controlled sounds through intricate footwork. More advanced levels of tap teach syncopation and more complex rhythms and combine a variety of styles of classical tap dance. Tap classes are offered in all levels.

*Drop-ins in tap available.

This class is open to all children wanting to learn the basics of music, space, and movement. Creative movement, dance games, props, and fun movement songs are all part of this class. Children aged 2 and 3 can increase their music appreciation, flexibility and coordination while learning about independence and team-work.

A more contemporary style of Ballet/Jazz that demonstrates extension, balance, as well as an interpretation of the music. Students should also be registered in a ballet class for best results.

Musical Theatre
A variety of styles of dance expressed through Musical Theatre from Broadway shows or through portrayals of recognizable characters. A fun class for the beginner dancer and experienced dancers looking to improve their stage presence. An ideal program for those who would like enrichment beyond dance and are keen to develop their talents more fully as an all round performer.

Pilates/Stretch and Strength
This one-hour class with the use of mats is an exercise program that focuses on the core postural muscles that help keep the body balanced and are essential to providing support for the spine. In particular, Pilates & Stretch/Strength exercises teach awareness of breath and alignment of the spine, and strengthen the deep torso muscles. This class also places emphasis on stretching and strengthening. Dancers work on all aspects of personal fitness including flexibility, toning, and lengthening.

Competitive Team
The Elevation Dancentre
competitive team is open to any dancer wishing to experience the competitive dance world. Elevation Dancentre does not hold auditions for its competitive team, nor does Elevation Dancentre deny any individuals admittance to the competitive program.
The competitive program enables students to increase their dance knowledge and experience at a faster and more intensive pace. These dancers train at least 3 hours per week and participate at various events and competitions throughout the season.